Our Assessment Service provides you with a complete picture of your systems and network, giving you detail on your hardware, software, and external systems. We then will provide recommendations to stabilize your systems (if necessary), make business enhancing improvements, and prepare for future growth. We'll also explore your backup processes and disaster planning.

Key Benefits

bulletA comprehensive inventory of what you have - both hardware and software
bulletRecommendations for stability and growth
bulletA starting point for future upgrades

Service Description

Hardware Assessment
We utilize various hardware interrogation tools to quickly and safely extract the details about your systems. These tools provide us the details and necessary information to fully understand your systems.
Software Assessment
We examine your system and record the various major software packages in use, along with their version information. This shows us if any patches or updates need to be applied. We also discover if any pertinent software is missing or corrupted.
External Systems
We also discover what external systems are in use (networking, internet connectivity, backup, power protection) and incorporate this information into our report.
Comprehensive Report
As a deliverable, we will provide you with a complete, detailed report of what your current system status is. We will also provide recommendations to correct any problems discovered and steps for future growth.

This report will serve as a baseline for your computers and can be used to record future enhancements. We recommend you keep it handy and up to date, using it as a site log for easy reference. 


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