Networking your systems allows you to share valuable resources. Whether these be a printer, files, an internet connection or other resource, Durney Consulting can help your business. If you need an intra-office e-mail solution or an expansion to an internet-capable solution, we have the experience to get you connected. 

Key Benefits

bulletSeamlessly share vital resources
bulletEnhance communications capabilities
bulletProvide internet access throughout your office
bulletSet up your own internal and/or external mail server

Service Description

Needs Assessment
We review what the current status of your systems (and network, if you already have one). A solution tailored to your business will be developed. 
Installation and Configuration
We install the necessary components and configure your network to provide the access and sharing you need.
Vendor Coordination
If you're looking at a high-speed network (Cable modem, DSL), we'll work with the various service providers on your behalf, ensuring everything is set up correctly.
New Location Assistance
Are you moving to a new location? How about your new house? We can perform a site survey and recommend where to place network access jacks to provide flexibility and maximize connectivity options.
We can easily build and install cable within your office. If we need to do 'cable drops' within the walls, we'll coordinate the efforts with a company specializing in that practice. We now have an alliance with A Better Connection to provide you with enhanced services when it comes to adding network cable to your location.

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