In today's world, selecting a new PC can be a daunting task. You need to understand terms like RAM, megabyte, Megahertz, CD-ROM, etc. And then, you usually have to deal with a salesperson who's looking to maximize their commission.

We'll take the guesswork and frustration out of the process! We explain the different terms and concepts in common English terms, removing as much of the industry jargon as possible, so you fully understand what you're getting - and why. Working with you and understanding your needs, we'll help select the right system for your budget. 

Key Benefits

bulletExpert assistance in acquiring new systems
bulletTerminology is explained in common terms, not industry jargon
bulletSelection of the right system for your needs and budget

Service Description

Needs Assessment
We work with you to determine what your needs are - not only for today, but for tomorrow, as well. The industry is changing fast and Durney Consulting stays current with the technology available.
We'll explain what the differences in systems are using common terminology and not industry jargon. We'll help decipher RAM, ROM, Megabytes, Gigabytes, and other terms. We want you to be comfortable with the system and understand what you're acquiring.
We'll develop a recommended system for you. We'll even direct you to the best place to purchase it. We're not in sales. We're not making a commission on the hardware or software - we just want you to get the best deal possible.

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