OK, so now you have your systems in place, possibly some networking too. What next? How do you support your systems? Do you know what you need to know to support your computers? 

Durney Consulting has the knowledge and experience supporting computers and networks. We'll work with you and design a support plan suited to your company. Whether it's software or hardware, we can help you out.

Key Benefits

bulletPreventative Maintenance - Avoid business interruptions
bulletProvide answers to your software and hardware questions
bulletGain a greater understanding of your systems and become more self-sufficient

Service Description

Preventative Maintenance Program
This service features predefined and scheduled on-site visits. During these visits, we can ensure all systems are operating correctly and answer any questions you may have. Anti-virus data files will be updated to the latest version. We can also perform additional training during the visit. Each client has a maintenance program designed around their specific needs. 
E-Mail Support
For questions and concerns not needing immediate attention, e-mail is the best way to go. This allows us to research and answer your questions during our off-peak hours. Just drop us a note at
As-Needed Support
We're available for your business support during normal business hours. Just give us a call at 760-737-7200 and we'll work with you to resolve your problems.


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