Web Design

To effectively showcase your business on the internet, you need to have a well-designed web site that delivers your information to the customer. We can professionally create your web site to your specifications. We'll also create and track the right search keywords and submit your site to the major search engines. 

Key Benefits

bulletAn additional medium for reaching your customers
bulletProvide additional information to current customers
bulletAttract new business

Service Description

Conceptual Design
We'll initially sketch out the design of the web site with you. The content will be what you want it to be, we're handling the mechanics of it. Once we have the concept, we'll create a prototype and work from there. 
Web Design
As we create the web site, we'll keep you up to date and 'in the loop' at all stages of development. Graphics, text, links - they're all subject to your approval. We want this to be a reflection of you and your business, so we give as much control to you as possible. We'll post updates in a private area for your review.
Keywords and Search Engines
Working with you, we'll develop effective keywords and search terms. These will help draw traffic to your web site when someone uses one of the many search engines available. Once created, we'll submit the web site and monitor the effectiveness of the keywords. As necessary, we'll suggest changes to improve the 'rankings' to bring additional customers to your site.
Publishing your Site
You will need to host your web site with a host provider on the internet. If you have a preference for a particular provider, we'll work with them and get everything configured for you. If you need a hosting service, we have the capability to provide that. If you choose to have your own domain name - such as www.durneyconsulting.com , we can register your name and set up the hosting. If you're not quite ready for that, we can host your web pages on our own site. 


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