Internet Access

The internet is one of the most powerful communication tools available. From 'surfing' the web to e-mail and e-commerce, it's quickly becoming a 'must-have' for any business.

At Durney Consulting, we're very experienced with the internet. From helping you choose the right service provider to configuring your systems and training, we're at your disposal. We're familiar with the major packages and components and can have you surfing in no time! For your business, we can help establish your presence on the 'net' through our Web Design and Hosting Services. 

Key Benefits

bulletEstablish your connection to the internet - dial-up or cable/DSL 
bulletSend and receive e-mail
bulletEstablish your company's presence

Service Description

Getting on to the "Information Super-Highway"
We understand the various methods of accessing the internet. Whether you need a dial-up connection through a modem, or a high-speed connection via Cable or DSL, we can get you connected. We'll help you select the best access solution for your business. Then, we'll work with the service provider to establish your connection and configure your systems for maximum flexibility. 
Electronic Mail
To effectively communicate with your business partners, you'll need e-mail. We'll set up your systems and show you how to send and receive mail (and attachments). We can also set up a "mail server" for your business for both internal and external communications.
Establishing a Presence
Many companies are harnessing the power of the internet to provide information for their customers. It is also an effective way to attract new business. At Durney Consulting, we can develop your web site for you. Once created, we'll help you get it online. If you want to take over the maintenance of it, we'll show you how. 

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